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Callc offer small businesses 75c/minute Calls rate



75c/minute business calls from Cell CCell C now want to steal small businesses from the likes or MTN and Vodacom, introduced a new product range called Cell C Pro enables business owners to save up to 25% on calls through a closed user group  would pay 75c a minute, on per second billing, for calls between members of the group and  would offer free calls for a monthly subscription of R99 an employee on the Cell C network. A fair usage policy will apply.

SME CUG (closed user group), the first service in the Cell C Pro product range, is targeted at the small business market.

The product will be available from 25 October and will offer small businesses savings of up to 25% on their telecommunications costs.

“With the new product, business owners will be able to include all their employees who are on the Cell C network, including those on pre-paid, in a closed user group, where they will pay 75c per minute for calls between members of the group. Of course it will be pure per second billing from the first second,” said Cell C CEO, Alan Knott-Craig.

Businesses can sign-up for these closed user groups at any participating retail outlet or directly from Cell C Business on 084 194 4000.

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