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Thank you everyone and my friends for Birthday wishes

Most of you are wondering how many years I am turning today oh I am still young as you thought only 26 years only.

Facebook Friends made me popular

I wanted to say thank you in return to all my friends who wishes me Happy Birthday today. Facebook friends has hit a record about more than 300 birthday wishes I have receive in my wall and inbox. You made me popular for the day shows to me this day is very special. My love one was the second person to which me on Facebook. I am still looking for the right words to say thank. Ngiyabonga bangani bami ngizohlala nginikhumbula

Google also wish me a happy-birth

When I had opened Google.com homepage today, I got new logo than usual so I hovered mouse on it and I got the surprise with the title ” Happy Birthday Simphiwe! “.
This Google home page is linked to my Google plus Account

Google wishes me happy birthday

Lastly thanks to my Family and love for the great wishes I got

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